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Angelfish no longer exist!
The scottish band began its adventure in 1993(this is true for AngelFish,but the members of the band already played together in Goodbye Mr Mackenzie),with the launch of its first self-titled album,AngelFish,the Suffocate Me EP and two videos(Suffocate Me and Heartbreak To hate)...then the darkness...the band didn't gain success and fame,and so split up.When they were a band,AngelFish were something like this:

Shirley Manson:vocals
Martin Metcalfe:guitars
Derek Kelly:drums
Fin Wilson:bass

After the broke-up,the members followed their ways...Shirley's one led her to join Butch Vig's Garbage,after this great producer(The Smashing Pumpkins,Sonic Youth and Nirvana!)saw Shirl in the Suffocate Me clip and thought that girl could be the ideal front-woman for his project.